You’ve probably seen the viral tik toks “Tell me you ____ without telling me you ____”—and if you haven’t, then Siena’s got you covered!

We put our own spin on the popular trend and asked our Siena community to tell us that they go to Siena, without outright telling us they go to Siena. 

What better way to understand what it’s really like to be a Saint, than by hearing from our students and alumni who’ve experienced campus life first hand? Check out the categories below to see some of our favorite responses and to find out what makes our tight-knit community so special!

We Hold Doors

“I will hold the door for you even though you are awkwardly far away... bc well it’s just polite.” -Facebook User Kristina Zampella

“The other day I saw my neighbor walking up to the first door of my apartment building after I was well past the second door. The thought of not holding the door for him gave me so much anxiety, I walked back and opened the second door.” -Facebook User William Michael

There’s No Shortage of School Pride

“*wears nothing but Siena merch*” -Instagram User @_dylankearney

“currently wearing my siena sweatshirt ❤️” -Instagram User @darien.esposito 

We Have a Lot of Fun

“Bingo, Blessing of the Brains, Basketball games #rollsaints💚💛” -Instagram user @kaaay_mancusi

“Saga stake out (endless people watching), lunch2go, roller blading friar, sushi, always hold the door, WVCR - 88.3 the Saint “where we play anything”” -Facebook User Marie Gavin

We’re Foodies

“I love Limmy’s omelettes” -Instagram User @alturcio

“It’s a feast day and friar Pat is making cookies” -Instagram User @knittingbagel

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