Center for International Programs, Management, School of Business

Last month, Caroline Garrett '23 attended a family reunion with cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews. She had a wonderful time talking and laughing with 30 members of her extended family who - until that party (above) - she had never seen before in her life. 

Garrett's grandmother was born in Lyon, France, but immigrated to the United States. She would often tell her granddaughter stories of her homeland and the amazing family she left behind. Garrett has always put her family first, but there was an important branch in the family tree she had never met. An ocean in between them didn't seem like a worthy excuse. So, Garrett departed to Lyon for the semester, and on her first weekend in France, that family united just for her.  Fortunately, they all spoke at least a bit of English since Garrett doesn't speak French. 

Garrett is studying at the Centre d’Études Franco-Américain de Management (CEFAM), and she shares a classroom with students from all over the world including Russia, Panama, and Turkey. CEFAM is a business and management school and Garrett is a creative arts major, but she's fulfilling some of her core requirements. She's also exploring France and spending time with her newly acquainted family. 

“Studying abroad in Lyon, France has taught me so much about foreign cultures and different ways of life. Being immersed in French culture has helped me progress in my language learning, and getting to visit various cities and towns has broadened my world perspective much more than I expected.” 

Caroline Garrett '23