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Click the photo to see more pictures from the event.

Allison Anglim ‘16

Siena alumnus and head of Enterprise Credit Risk at Bank of America, Mick Ankrom ’90, led the final lunchtime lecture in this year’s School of Business Lecture Series on Monday, April 11, in the Key Auditorium.

Graduating from Siena in 1990 with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance with a concentration in Accounting, Ankrom began his career with the bank in 1996, when he served as the vice president and relationship manager for Middle Market Banking. Today, he and his team oversee responses to current and forward-looking credit risk trends, credit concentrations and asset quality. Ankrom also works with the Board and Management Committee to oversee and manage credit risk.

“My overall career philosophy, that I try to think about each and every day, is [that] each and every day when I wake up, I think about my role as a daily contract,” Ankrom said. “Every day that I come in I’ve got to prove myself. I’ve got to have the mindset that I have to demonstrate the value that I provide that day and then each and every day, and I really expect and ask at least as much of myself as I do of my team.”

Ankrom dedicates much of his success in the business world and in life to this daily contract philosophy. He believes that this mindset has not only inspired him to work harder, but pushes his team to do their best every day in the office.

“I believe acknowledging Siena alumni by inviting them back on campus is really encouraging and valuable to us as business students,” said Paul Wojcik ’16. “It provides us with a better understanding of how to develop various skills to improve our experience here at Siena. Within that experience, we can then apply what we learned here at Siena to the business world.”

In his concluding comments Ankrom urged those in attendance to accept the career changes that come their way. “I hope you’ll notice that the threat of change was driving most of the opportunities that were sent my way,” said Ankrom. “[This] is really how I had the opportunity to progress in my career.”