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So you’re thinking about earning an MBA? Now’s the time to jump in.

The pandemic has forced employers to take a hard look at what skills are needed from their employees to not only come back stronger, but outlast the next huge curveball.

Here at Siena, we’ve built our MBA program to include exactly that: the timeless hard and soft skills employers want, and leaders need. And the best part: You can earn your MBA while you continue to work, if you prefer. 

Want to know more? 

Meet Siena MBA grad Cate Lawyer. Cate earned her BA in Communications from Siena in 2020, followed by her MBA with a concentration in marketing in 2021.

What led you to apply to the Siena MBA program?

I applied to the Siena MBA program because of my undergraduate experience at the college. I truly had the best four years of my life and thought extending my education at Siena would help me develop even more skills both personally and professionally. 

Since my undergraduate degrees were both in liberal arts, the addition of the Siena MBA would help me raise the bar professionally, diversify my credentials, and provide me with a solid business background. 

What was your experience like? Favorite aspects? Favorite course? 

I had a great experience working towards my MBA at Siena! I enjoyed the hybrid model classes (class once a week with work outside of class to supplement the remaining course hours) because it gave me the option to complete coursework at a more flexible pace which was helpful when balancing my work schedule. 

The professors who teach in Siena’s MBA program are next level and are dedicated to ensuring the success of their students. My favorite courses throughout my time in the program were Dr. Doganaksoy’s Data and Analytics classes and Dr. Preiksaitis’ Strategic Brand Management class. They are both topnotch professors and I learned so much from them that I use in my current job. 

How was the schedule? Were you working full-time throughout the program?

My schedule during the Siena MBA program was very manageable. I was working full-time throughout the entire program and took a full course load (five classes) every semester and in the summer and winter terms. 

While it was intense at times, choosing to pursue a more aggressive schedule and timeline allowed me to complete my MBA with an Advanced Certificate in Data and Analytics exactly one year after I graduated with my undergraduate degrees.

You chose the marketing concentration, right? Did you find it relevant?

I did choose the marketing concentration and I found it extremely relevant! The marketing classes in the MBA marketing concentration built very nicely off of the marketing classes I took as an undergraduate student for my communications degree. 

In the beginning, I was worried that they would be too similar to the ones I had already taken; however, the graduate level classes definitely built on the solid foundation I had from my undergraduate classes and gave me a better understanding of the marketing field as a whole. 

What's your current role? How did the Siena MBA affect your career path? 

My current role is an Assistant Account Executive at Peregrine Market Access in Saratoga Springs, NY. Peregrine is a market access agency that works with insurance companies and drug manufacturers to get sick patients the medicine that they need. 

The Siena MBA impacted my career path because without it, I wouldn’t have realized my interest in research, data and analytics. Fast forward to my current role, I have been given the opportunity to help manage all of our research and analytics projects as well as work extensively in new business development.

I don’t think I would’ve been qualified to work in either of these areas without my master’s degree in business administration from Siena College. 

Would you recommend the Siena MBA program to others, and why?

I would recommend the Siena MBA program to others because it was extremely rewarding and gave me the additional tools necessary to stand out among competitors when I was navigating the job market. 

Overall, The Siena MBA enhanced my understanding of the business world and helped me gain the tools necessary to rise above and reach the next level professionally.