Center for International Programs

A nation’s flag is a source of pride and patriotism. When you see yours while you’re abroad, it’s a little piece of home as well.

Flags from the nations of some of Siena’s international students have been proudly displayed in the atrium of the Sarazen Student Union for a few years now. The College recently doubled the number of flagpoles to nearly 50 so that every single country represented by an international student on our campus can have its flag proudly on display.

Lindsay King, associate director of international recruitment, said “It’s a small thing for our students, but it goes a very long way.”

“Our international student population is growing, and we’re welcoming students from all over the world,” said King. “It’s important for them to be recognized and welcomed.”

Anuk Siyambalapitiya ’25 of Sri Lanka said he loves the new flag additions in the SSU.

“It always makes my day to see the Sri Lankan flag at Siena,” he said. “I am very proud of my culture and heritage, so to be represented in such a way is greatly valued. Many students have not heard of Sri Lanka, so this is also a great opportunity to show others where I come from!” 

Rupert Bronkhorst ’25 said seeing his South African flag makes him feel welcomed and accepted.

“It gives me so much more clarity that there is appreciation and acceptance of me as a South African here at Siena,” said Bronkhorst. “Thank you so much for that!”

Diogo Hansen ’26 of Brazil agreed that seeing his flag makes him feel welcome, while Bianca Prinsloo MBA ’23 of South Africa was happy to see hers added as she finishes out her Siena career.

“Oh my gosh I was so excited to see it!” she exclaimed. “It took four years but it made it. I wasn't leaving Siena without my flag hanging up!”