If you received an acceptance packet from Siena, don’t miss Accepted Students Day on either Sunday, February 17 or Monday, February 18 (or you can choose stay overnight). Here are 19 reasons to reserve your spot.

1. Game on. The cheers. The adrenaline. The camaraderie. There’s nothing quite like being a Saint at a Siena men’s basketball game, so on Sunday, we’re taking you to one at the Times Union Center. Lunch included.

2. Meet your peers. If you know you’re enrolling here, now’s the time to make a few new friends—so come fall, familiar faces abound. 

3. Decisions, decisions. If you’re still on the fence, this visit is the single best way to help you make your decision. 

4. Real talk. You’ll hear from current students at a Saints Panel about  everything from campus life to academics to the food and more.

5. Dig deep. On Sunday, you can pick a few topics from this list to hear more about at in-depth sessions: Why Siena; Liberal Arts; Science; Business; Exploring (Undecided); Career Prep; Student Life and Support Services; Food and Dining; Housing.

6. #Siena2023 meetup. Come hungry. We’ve got big plans.

7.  Trivia night. Just for fun, team up with your new friends on Sunday night for a little trivia.

8. Learn something. If you do the overnight, you can attend a real or mock class to really experience the Siena academic scene.

9. Make yourself at home. Tour the campus on an official tour, and/or walk around on your own. Get to know your new humble abode.

10. A surprise welcome. The morning “Welcome” presentation wouldn’t be a Siena event without a little somethin’ extra. 

11. Share the love. Rather than relay everything to your parents back at home, bring them! We have separate agendas just for them.

12. Browse around. Our students are pulling out all the stops at our club & major fair. Wander through the booths and see what calls out to you.

13. Photo ops. Custom Snapchat filters and Insta-worthy setups await your camera clicks.

14. Questions? Our admissions team will be standing by throughout the day, ready to chat with you whenever you’d like.

15. Free gift. Grab a Siena tumblr on us while you’re here.

16. Stock up. Visit the bookstore for some green and gold gear—you get 10% off!

17. Connect with faculty. Say hi to your future professors. No TAs here!

18. Shed some light. The candles in our beautiful Grotto won’t light themselves. Swing by when you have a chance. 

19. Because you’re a Saint. And we want to celebrate you.