This one’s for anyone who wants to know more about college life in New York’s Capital Region, but especially for those of who have lived here your whole life and are wondering: Do I move away or stay close to home for college?

Consider these 10 reasons Saints love living and studying in Upstate New York, with Loudonville as our homebase.


1. Uncovering things about our hometown you never knew before.

Think you already know the Capital Region like the back of your hand? Spend more time here as a college student, and you’re bound to learn a whole more like. Did you know…

  • There’s a waterfall in Cohoes? Put “Cohoes Falls” into Wave and see where you wind up
  • The New York State Capitol offers daily free tours
  • ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas was first published in Troy

2. The healthy job market.

In 2019 alone, the Capital Region added 2,200 jobs. And major industries—from health care to educational services—are seeing rapid employment growth. To keep up with the evolving job market, Siena continues to add and offer relevant programs like...

3. Soooo many things to do for fun.

If you look at what you did for fun as a high school student and what you will do as a Siena student, you’ll find similarities—and so much more.

  • Catch a DMB or Justin Timberlake concert
  • Jam out at LarkFest and fill up at ChowderFest
  • Go ziplining, hiking, fishing, skiing or tubing around here and in the surrounding areas
  • Check out the art galleries in Albany
  • Take out-of-town friends to the track

4. Our proximity to everywhere.

Between our service trips, study abroad opportunities and outdoorsy clubs, you’ll appreciate Siena’s location more than ever.

  • We’re 10 minutes to Albany International Airport
  • 1 hour to Lake George
  • 2.5 hours to NYC
  • 3 hours to Boston
  • 3.5 hours to Montreal

5. Awesome companies.

From internationally known organizations to impressive start-ups, the Capital Region is booming. And thanks to alumni connections, satellite offices and more, you could end up anywhere in the world. Saints intern and work at places like...

  • Ayco
  • GE
  • NASA
  • Regeneron
  • Special Olympics New York
  • Target

6. All four seasons.

Where else can you take a summertime Hudson River cruise, hike 46 peaks surrounded by fall foliage, ski with your friends and attend a spring festival that features 150+ varieties of tulips?

7. Our alumni network is fierce.

Right now when you walk around, say, Newton Plaza, you may see a few friendly faces. But when you’re a Saint sporting a Siena sweatshirt (here and around the world), you’ll amass nearly 40,000 more instant friends. What that means for you? Local pride. Instant job connections. And lots of fun meetups. (By the way, here are 15 places you can walk to from Siena.)

8. The people.

The people here are downright wonderful. Everyone is kind. Everyone is welcoming. Everyone takes pride in the area. This is the kind of town people relocate for—and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

9. Feeling safe and secure.

Thanks to our top-notch hospitals, friendly police officers and neighbors who care about each other, it’s easy to feel at ease in the Capital Region. And peace of mind is invaluable. (Fun fact: Albany was recently listed as one of the best 30 places to live by U.S. News & World Report.)

10. The perks of being close to family.

We’d be remiss not to mention a few things you’d be able to do by going to school just a few miles from home. Think about it, you could:

  • Join family dinners from time to time
  • Do your laundry at home (with your parents’ permission, of course!)
  • Attend your siblings’ sports games
  • Introduce your Siena friends to your family

Sound like a place you’d love to be?