•  Effective generalist social work practice, equipped with the requisite professional knowledge, values, ethics, and skills.
  • Foster dynamic interactions and develop a  way to healthy exchange ideas
  • To critically think about theories, models and assessments  augmented with the creativity and natural curiosity of our students.  
  • Challenge conditions that do not promote respect for human diversity.
  • Foster a commitment to social, economic, and environmental justice and the protection of human rights.
  • Strategies to eliminate human oppression, economic deprivation, discrimination and environmental degradation.
  • Students will learn to effectively  organize and conduct social action. 
  • Prepare students to become leaders through ongoing self reflection developing skills to commit to professional development. 

Social Work Code of Ethics   
Service  Students and professionals primary goal is to help those in need and address social problems that may be impacting individuals' social, physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Students and professionals are encouraged and challenges to evaluate services to others above self interest and draw on knowledge value and skills to address social problems.
Social Justice  Challenge and enact systemic and structural change to systems that are oppressive and promote discrimination.  
Dignity and Worth of a Person 

Students and professions, expand their knowledge and practice to treat each person in a caring and respectful manner. This is done by the students and the professionals actively reflecting on their own background, values, and culture to uphold cultural humility. Students and professionals will promote social, encourage, and teach responsible self-determination by enhancing clients capacity to change and address their needs.

Importance of Human Relationships  Students and professionals, recognize the relationships between people are an important vehicle for change. Relationships allow for the  to promotion, restoration, maintenance, and enhance the well being of individuals, families, social groups, organizations and communities. 
Competence  Developing their professional expertise and continually striving to increase their professional knowledge and skills and applying them to practice. 
Integrity  Students and Professionals, behave in a trustworthy manner, by continually revisiting the mission, ethical principals and ethical standards of the profession. Students and professionals are called to practice in a  manner consistent with themselves personally and professionally. 

Social Work Major Curriculum

For a Bachelor (B.A ) in Social Work, majors must complete 58 credits; 37 are major courses and 21 are Auxiliary.