Siena’s English/English education major prepares students for teaching at middle schools or high schools. Alumni are also working in specialized teaching in reading, TESOL, and special education, as well as education administration. The English major also prepares students to continue their studies at the graduate level.

Business is probably the largest employer of English alumni. An English major combined with a business minor (or vice versa) is excellent preparation for a wide range of business positions. Recent surveys indicate that English alumni are in management, real estate sales, insurance, equity trading, retail sales, pharmaceutical sales, human resource management, and brokerage services.

Fields such as law, communications, advertising and public relations are the perfect avenue for English majors with a strong interest in writing. 

Other English alumni are working in fields as diverse as counseling, information technology, industrial/labor relations, international policy studies, occupational therapy, and public administration. 


Siena's Office of Internship Programs works one-on-one with our Saints during the entire internship process - from the search for a site all the way to the final days of work in the site's office. The Office works with employers from an array of industries, ensuring that students are matched with the industry that works for their career aspirations.