The English Honors program at Siena is student centered and designed for those who seek an intellectually exciting, collaborative learning experience. Instruction is conducted in seminar format, with students encouraged to take an active role in determining the direction of the class. The seminars allow close communication and interaction between a small number of students and faculty, enriching the learning process.  English Honors courses are open to qualified students in any major with permission of the instructor.

Saints in the English Honors program must complete at least four English Honors seminars (ENGL 190 or ENGL 490) with an average of B+ or better and maintain a cumulative index of at least 3.3 to earn a Certificate of Honors in English upon graduation. At the discretion of the English Department, a student may substitute one Honors section of a course (i.e., ENGL 256 HNRS: The Novel) or an Honors Thesis for one of the seminar requirements. Both graduate schools and employers are impressed with the Certificate, knowing that such students, regardless of major, have outstanding written and oral communication skills.

Standish Honors Program

At Siena, honors work is a different kind of work. It will require you to take more responsibility for your education. It will require that you take the lead in developing your intellectual curiosity and abilities. It will require in-depth research, inquiry, and study. But our Standish Honors Program will also give you unique academic opportunities, extensive access to faculty, and a leg up in the real world.