Our professional staff and Service Advocates are united in their passion to serve the Siena community and the wider community of the Capital Region.

Our Service Advocates develop, plan and lead all FCSA events throughout the academic year.

If you are interested in becoming a Service Advocate, please speak with any of these students, or a member of our Professional Staff.

Service Advocatesstudents who work at FCSA, some receiving work-study benefits, while others volunteer their time and talents

student leaders
Kristi Boardman, '21
Hi, my name is Kristi Boardman. I am a senior Psychology and Computer Science double major. I love working for the FCSA because it is a safe space to learn and live the Franciscan values through service to the community. I first learned about the FCSA in Freshman year when I participated in a Service Saturday event and I still attend community service days now in Senior year.
Jordan Dunn, '21
My name is Jordan Dunn. I am a senior Public Relations and Communications Marketing double major with minors in Political Science and Franciscan Service and Advocacy. The FCSA has become a second home of sorts for me over the years. My involvement with the center started off my Freshman year when I entered the Mentoring Program. Four years later, I am still in the Mentoring Program but my involvement has also expanded to attending service trips and becoming a student leader. My time at the center has allowed me to learn not only what it means to BE a Franciscan but how to LIVE Franciscan. I love the sense of community the center brings to my life and the person I have started to become through working here.


Kiera Mitru, '21
My name is Kiera Mitru, I am a senior English major with minors in journalism and Italian. I love working for the FCSA because it grants me the opportunity to foster relationships through service and to continue learning outside of the classroom. My service and advocacy journey has brought me to many locations around the world to hear and share stories about our shared humanity.



Deirdre McBreen, '22
I am a Junior Marketing Major with Concentrations in Strategic Human Resource Development and Marketing Communications & Digital Marketing. I love working at the Franciscan Center for Service and Advocacy because it gives me the opportunity to get involved in projects involving service throughout campus. Everyone in the office is very nice and welcoming which makes it a great place to spend my time in.



Marleigha Clipston: I'm a Sophomore Communications-Journalism Major. I love the FCSA because every person you meet is so pure and welcoming. I love working there because it never really feels like work when I get to do something I love.
interns in the office
Lizeth Gomez, '21
Lizeth Gomez, Marketing/Communications Intern





Haley Giuliano, '22
Haley Giuliano, Volunteer Marketing/Communications Intern
I am currently a junior marketing major! And I love working at the FCSA because I love connecting with different communities through experiences like the Siena Stands With... trips!
Jessica Dupont: Hi my name is Jessica Dupont. I am a junior Environmental Science major from CT. I am the Sustainability Scholar, the sustainability coordinator for the FCSA. I love working here because I feel like I am having a huge impact on this school through my actions and organization. Check out the website Sustainability at Siena for all the work we have done to make the school more green. 
Director of the FCSA
Judy Dougherty

Hello and welcome to the FCSA! I am Judy Dougherty, Director of the Franciscan Center for Service & Advocacy. Our goal is to develop in students a deeper sense of responsibility and solidarity with the poor and marginalized in order that we may become lifelong advocates and servant leaders. 

My passion is working with students as they navigate their four years at Siena College. The most enjoyable part of the work I do at the Center is working with students! Sharing my passion of being in service to others, introducing students to transformational education and experiences that will challenge and excite them and collaborating with students on social justice issues, all the while supporting them in their personal development as compassionate leaders.

If you are interested in being an FCSA Student Leader, or would like to learn more about our work, please feel free to contact me.