Franciscan Volunteer Ministry

Provides a setting for young adults to grow in faith, love and hope by serving the poor and working for social justice in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi. Sites located in Camden, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; Wilmington, DE.

Franciscan Mission Service

This organization provides training and support for lay Franciscan missioners who stay from three to six years in areas around the world to live a simple life of service with the poor. Sites in Latin America and Africa.

Francis Corps

Volunteers help to promote Franciscan values in Syracuse, NY; San José, CA and Costa Rica.

franciscan partners program

Join this program to spend at least one year serving the poor and marginalized people of the geographic area served by the Friars of Our Lady of Guadalupe Province. 

Capuchin franciscan volunteer corps (cap corps)

Offers volunteers the opportunity to work in direct service with the poor while living a simple lifestyle in community with other volunteers. Opportunities in Cleveland, OH; Washington, DC; Papua New Guinea.

change a heart franciscan volunteer program

An 11 month service experience for young adults to live and serve in the spirit of St. Francis, working with Pittsburgh, PA nonprofits to help the most vulnerable. Learn a sense of reverence, justice, and compassion by assisting those in need.


Help in countries around the world to serve impoverished areas. They support the literacy program and assist with agriculture, disability, health along with a variety of other needs.

Catholic Volunteer Network

An organization of 200 domestic and international volunteer and mission programs that fosters and promotes full-time service opportunities for people of all backgrounds, ages and skills. This organization provides training and resources, networking opportunities, and national advocacy.

catholic volunteers of Florida

Serve marginalized communities in Florida or the Dominican Republic with placements in teaching, community development, special education, social work, youth programs, immigration and legal services, restorative justice, and more.

dominican volunteers usa

Through intentional relationships, conversation, and action commit yourself to the liberation and equity of those most marginalized by working toward systematic change through ministry, study, prayer, and community all throughout the USA including Manhattan,  NY; Amityville, NY; Caldwell, NJ; Chicago, IL; San Francisco, CA; Redwood City, CA; Atlanta, GA; Grand Rapids, MI; Racine, WI.

Good Shepherd Volunteers

They advocate for children who are victims of violence, poverty and neglect by providing services including foster care, youth counseling and education.

Jesuit Volunteer Corps

Work for and with underprivileged people, people with AIDS, the elderly, abused women and children and the developmentally disabled in domestic and international locations.

lasallian volunteers of the de la salle christian brothers

Acting out of faith, rooted in the Gospel, and sharing community with the Brothers and other Lasallians, the Volunteers empower the poor by personalized service primarily through education.

Maggie's Place

A community that provides houses of hospitality for women living alone, or living on the streets. Maggie's Place follows recognition of responsibility to and for one another.

maryknoll lay missioners

Spend 3.5 years working with marginalized communities and people in Africa, Asia, and the Americas, responding to basic needs and helping to create a more just and compassionate world by challenging unjust structures that perpetuate poverty and oppression.

notre dame mission volunteers

Empower the economically disadvantaged and oppressed through education and personalized support. Help strengthen communities through holistic education for families; every person has an important role to play.

salesian lay missioners

Work together with Salesian priests, brothers, and sisters to care for disadvantaged youth in developing countries through education, job training, and constructive recreational activities. Find placements in Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, India, Serra Leone, South Sudan, United States, Vietnam, and Zambia.

Vincentian Service Corps

Transform lives with a group of over 200 people who serve the needs of those in poverty. The city of St. Louis provides a mixture of culture for the men and women volunteers.


A spirit of civic participation is created through service for a variety of needs including building affordable housing or fighting illiteracy.

Peace Corps

Volunteers work with a community overseas for 27 months, providing assistance in 77 countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, and the Middle East.