Suggested Guideline for Research Posters:

  • Poster title should be gold type, Times New Roman, 130+ pt. size
  • Poster subhead should be white type, Arial Bold, 70+ pt.
  • Major section headings should be green type, Arial Bold, 48 pt.
  • Section subheadings should be black type, Arial Bold, 36 pt.
  • Text in boxes should be black type, Times New Roman, 34 pt. size
  • Margins should be no smaller than 1.25" inches from the edge of the page, and 1" between section boxes.
  • Names of authors should be listed under the Subtitle area on bottom right of poster.

** Please note that the Research Poster Template is Sized to fit a standard tri-fold poster board (48in x 36in)

Tips for Research Powerpoint Presentations

How to print without the background:

Go to the "Format" menu at the top and select "Slide Background." At the bottom, there should be an option to "Hide Background Graphics." Click on the little check box next to it, then hit the "Apply to All" button. When you go to the "Print" menu, select either the "Grayscale" or "Black & White" option so the text will show up. If you want color printouts, then you will have to change the yellow and white type to darker colors so the text is clearly visible. The best way to do this is on the Slide Master page (under the "View" menu).

How to make charts and graphs more readable:

If the charts and graphs are being created in either Powerpoints or Excel, then you should be able to make the overall background of the graphic white. Another option is to drop a white or light colored box behind the chart/graph. 

How to create handouts:

If you use any of the "Handouts" options (2 to 9 slides per page), the page number should automatically show up. If you would like only 1 slide per page, you may want to select the "Notes" options. However, the default option will make the slide fairly small. In this case, go to "View", then down to "Master" then select "Notes Master." This will bring up the notes master page, where you can grab the corner handles of the slide graphic and make it as large as you want. You should leave room for spaces at the top and bottom if want you wish to add headers, footers, or the date.