Research at Siena

Research at Siena

How do we engage our students?

  1. Independent Study: Independent Study courses allow students to work on topics of their choosing under the supervision of a faculty member. Independent Study courses provide students with in-depth learning opportunities that involve private consultation with the advisor and independent research. The courses are listed under each department and require a proposal approved by the faculty member, the Department Chair, and the Dean.
    Independent Study Summary Sheet - additional information for completing the Independent Study Proposal
    Independent Study Request Form
  2. Summer Scholars: The Siena Summer Scholars Program promotes inquiry and creativity by supporting scholarly activity in which faculty members and students collaborate during the summer. Students participation in scholarly activities fosters exploration and discovery by providing opportunities to design and carry out original research including evaluation, analysis, synthesis of information or participation in a creative activity. 
    Program Details and Eligibility
  3. Grant Funded Summer Research: Students have the opportunity to participate in research projects funded by external sources such as NASA, NSF,and NEH. For further information about these projects, please visit the department webpages.
  4. Presentation & Publication: Present your research at both on and off campus venues. CURCA provides funding for students to travel to local, regional, national, and international conferences. Work with your research mentor and CURCA to have your research published.
  5. Other Opportunities: External Research Opportunities, Research based classes, capstone classes, honor's thesis, and non-credit bearing research.

Why should students engage? What can undergraduate research and creative activity do for you?

  1. Improved marketability
  2. Personal Transformation
  3. Real world application
  4. Critical thinking skills and discipline specific knowledge
  5. Graduate school placement
  6. Presentations and travel 
  7. Publication

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    Summer Scholars 2013
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    SCIAI REU Program 2014
  • SCIAI REU Program 2014
    SCIAI REU Program 2014