The Sister Thea Bowman Center for Women will be a leader in providing innovative, value-based programs and initiatives that educate, engage and empower students – in collaboration with the Siena community – to advocate for social justice, gender equality, and women’s development.

Through its programming, the Sister Thea Bowman Center for Women strives to address issues of social justice, wellness, service, and advocacy. Some of our annual and ongoing events include:

  • Honor an Awesome Woman Brunch
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  • Fair Trade Awareness and Advocacy
  • One Billion Rising 
  • Women Leading the Way: Service Trip to Cuernavaca, Mexico 
  • Anti-Human Trafficking Month
  • Grow Girls Mentoring Pen-Pal Program
  • Mental Health Awareness Month


Provide programming to the Siena community to raise awareness about social justice issues and promote participation in service and advocacy opportunities:

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to recognize societal and institutional injustices.
  • Students will demonstrate awareness that advocating for social justice is a Franciscan value.
  • Students will demonstrate a commitment to addressing social injustices by participating in relevant service opportunities.  

Provide educational opportunities and initiatives for students that promote equality:

  • Students will be able to Illustrate how gender inequities affect women’s opportunities and roles in society.
  • Students will apply their skills by advocating for gender and racial equality.

Conduct targeted programs to women students that develop and empower them to achieve their personal, academic and professional aspirations.

  • Women students will demonstrate proficiency in key skills needed to achieve their personal, academic and professional aspirations.

Beth DeAngelis

Director of the Sr. Thea Bowman Women's Center