Physics and Astronomy

The Physics and Astronomy Department at Siena College is a friendly, close-knit department where students are welcomed as peers. We offer degrees in physics and computational science, as well as minors in astronomy and astrophysics. Our accomplished faculty and well-funded research programs make Siena a dynamic and rewarding place to study physics and astronomy.

Why Study Physics at Siena?

The Physics & Astronomy Department at Siena College is experiencing a period of growth and revitalization. Our faculty members are leading exciting research programs in astronomy, physics, engineering, and science education - many of which are funded by the National Science Foundation and NASA.  Also, and probably as a result, we have increased the number of Siena students studying physics.  We are particularly proud of the increasing number of women who are pursuing physics and astronomy degrees at Siena.

Undergraduate Research Options

We offer some amazing research opportunities, and you can get involved in them as early as their freshman year.  As a Siena physics major, you are able to participate in research projects on topics including galaxy evolution, neutrino physics, X-ray spectroscopy, science education research, computational biophysics, atomic spectroscopy, satellite design and space physics. Many of these opportunities are paid positions, with students working during the academic year and over the summer.

Department Chair

Rose A. Finn

Professor of Physics

254 Roger Bacon

(518) 782‑6764