Official Applicants for the program must submit:

  • One page rationale for plan of study
  • Possible courses (minimum 39 credits including Research Colloquium and Capstone)
  • Possible faculty for mentoring group
  • 4-6 specific learning outcomes grounded in the college-wide learning outcomes
  • Letter of recommendation for a fulltime/continuing faculty member who will serve as the student’s advisor
  • Resume

Submit your application after completing 24 credits at Siena and no later than February 1 of your junior year (exceptions may be possible during the early implementation of this major).

The Interdisciplinary Major Committee will review each proposal. It may reject, approve, or approve with qualifications. Students will be encouraged to submit their proposals at the earliest date possible. Once the course of study is established by the Committee, changes to the plan can only be made with the approval of the faculty advisor in consultation with the Interdisciplinary Major Committee. With the exception of reviewing proposed changes, the Interdisciplinary Major Committee has no further role in the process.