Honors Courses offer opportunities for lively interaction and independent thinking to students in the Honors Program as well as to other qualified and motivated students. The workload is not necessarily more, but it is different. Most honors seminars are limited to 15 students and are discussion based.  It is recommended that honors students take CORE and major courses as honors when possible. Fifteen credit hours of courses that carry the honors attribute are required but students can take as many honors courses as they like. 

The Honors First Year Seminars

The Honors First Year Seminars are reserved for incoming Honors Fellows.

The FYSM topics change from year-to-year. Some recent offerings have included Gender and Sexuality, Trauma in Literature, and Music. All freshmen Honors Fellows must be enrolled in an honors section of FYSM to be in the honors program. Although student preference is taken into consideration, in many cases the schedule for required courses in your major or athletic practices may determine which seminar you take.