Students in the Standish Honors Program may take 3 to 6 credit hours in their major/minor or certificate program to fulfill honors attribute requirements. The course(s) must be at the 200-level or above. The student should approach the faculty member teaching the course to ask if an honors component can be added. Together the student and faculty member decide the best project/activities to fulfill the honors contract (see below). The student then submits the form to the Honors Director for approval. The honors attribute will be added to the student’s record only upon successful completion of the course. Students who enter the honors program as freshmen may complete 3 credits through a contract course(s); students who enter as sophomores can take up to 6 credit hours through contract courses. Contract courses can fulfill other attributes but must be taken in the students' areas of concentration (i.e. not just to fulfill core). 


Contracts are based on a project or activity that takes the student deeper into the course subject and results in an experience relevant to that student’s preparation as a scholar or other professional. On average, a student should expect to complete an additional 25-30 hours of work during the semester toward the fulfillment of the honors contract.  

Some examples of projects for Honors Contracts could include:
  • Conduct an individual research project
  • Prepare and present a class lecture
  • Design and test a lab project
  • Complete additional translation work
  • Create and display an original work of art
  • Develop a computer simulation
  • Work with a company to change branding through a new logo design
  • Assist with instructor research for course
Example of good contract:

Terms: This activity is integrated with standard coursework. Honors credit will be reflected upon submission of final grade of B or better.

Contract description: Research paper of seminar length (18-20 pages) on a topic of student’s choosing in US History since 1945. Scholarly books and articles are expected as is some use of primary sources. Professor will approve a research question and preliminary bibliography reflecting the above by mid-semester. A detailed outline must be submitted one month prior to the last day of class. Student will meet with the professor at least twice during the semester to discuss the project. Final paper must be handed in by the last day of class. 

Contracts that would NOT be approved:
  • Are based on “busy work” (taking an extra quiz, for example).
  • There is no clear connection to the course content.
  • Are described so vaguely that the outcome is confusing to the student (i.e., “student will do an extra paper” or “student will read extra material”).
  • Under no circumstance will a contract be approved for work already accomplished.

Submission for Approval

Complete the Online Form to gain approval of your contract (student/faculty member/honors director)