How to arm yourself

If you receive a suspicious email do the following: 
before you Connect!

Alert Google if you do receive a phish (from within the message, click on the down arrow to the right of the REPLY button and select "Report phishing"). This will help alert the GMail Team to the phishing emails and will help others.

OOPs! I think I've been compromised, what now?

  • Please contact the IT Service Desk at or 782-6000 ASAP.
  • Check your Sent Mail folder to see if anything suspicious has been sent from it, and sign out of all other sessions.
  • Change your Siena/Google passwords. If you used the same passwords for other accounts, you need to change them as well.
  • Run a scan of your system to check for any malware. Check your Google email settings and remove any suspicious accounts. (Go to Settings > Accounts > Send Mail As)
  • Check your Google drive for any suspicious files you might find there that were created to collect others' information.  (check your Trash folder as they are often hidden here). Also verify if any new filters were added to your account, especially ones that were created to forward  information to another email address.  If you do find any, report this to
  • If confidential or sensitive information resides on your computer or on your Google Drive and may have been compromised, please report this to

Sometimes no matter how careful you are once in a while we may be tricked and fall for a phishing email or call.  You can do the following to help you combat possible identity theft:

Some resources to add to your tool box to combat Phishing: