Architecture / Engineering

The Architecture/Engineering Department of Facilities Management provides the college with the coordination and management of projects involving major renovations and/or new construction of campus buildings from concept to final occupancy.

The College incorporates sustainability features into each of the construction projects. Applying criteria from the U. S. Green Building Council and campus renovation standards, the College strives to make the buildings energy efficient and environmentally sound.

We maintain the documents and plans of the Campus and its buildings and, if requested, make copies available for student projects and faculty use.

Some of the basic services we provide include:
  • Project Programming and Consultation
  • Project Planning, Estimating, and Design
  • ADA and Building Code Compliance Review
  • Interior Design
  • Furniture and Equipment selection
  • Construction Administration
  • Design of Landscape and Exterior Spaces
  • Lighting Design
  • College Liaison with State and Local Authorities 



The Carpentry Shop consists of a workforce of skilled craftsmen who provide structure and furniture repair services and millwork that includes building structures from scratch. The department also provides renovations to offices, dormitories, and academic spaces, according to approved plans/designs. In addition, outside contractor work is overseen by our shop personnel.

Carpentry Services
  • Framing, drywall, finishing services
  • Custom cabinetry and millwork
  • Repair and maintenance of existing doors, door stops, hinges, and closures
  • Repair and maintenance of interior tile surfaces
  • Repair/replacement of acoustical tiles
  • Carpet Repairs
  • Handrail replacement/repairs
  • Repair/replacement of moldings, baseboards, and weather seals
  • Repair/replace counter/desk surfaces
  • Repair roof leaks
  • Repair/build wooden furniture
  • Install/relocate wall mounted shelves, free standing bookcases, chalk boards, and white board
  • Hang pictures, art, display units, etc.
  • Design assistance and cost estimating



Facilities Management Custodial Mission Statement

In order to realize our vision in support of the college’s mission, we will strive to maintain attractive, clean, safe and orderly facilities which will exceed our customers’ expectations.

             We will accomplish this by committing our hard work, with an extraordinary emphasis on teamwork and communication. We will maximize our utilization of the most sustainable supplies and equipment to insure efficiency and conduct these operations in a manner conducive with the reduction of impact to our environment while creating a safe and healthy atmosphere to learn, live and work. All these while being as fiscally responsible to support the college and its occupants.

Custodial services:

  • Routine interior daily cleaning of all college buildings. These operations are conducted on weekdays only. Unless special requests are made or special scheduling accommodations are made with the Custodial Supervisor.
  • Cleaning of all residential building common areas. This is a seven day/week service.
  • Hard floor surface care including wood, tile, stone, concrete, and rubber floor material.
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning services (note these services are scheduled by the custodial supervisor on a rotational basis dependent on need. Out of cycle requests for cleaning are chargeable item and a budget code is required for service)
  • Interior window washing. (Exterior window washing service contract management are done as needed.
  • Waste and recycling removal from the building. See below for information.                 
  • IPMP - Integrated Pest Management Program for interior pest control.                         
  • Snow removal response. Immediate entrance way care and custody.
  • Salt and calcium application to steps and sidewalks surrounding buildings.
  • Emergency response via on-call personnel 24/7/365
 Sustainable Initiatives:

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and to be as environmentally respectful as possible, we strive to conduct business in the most eco-friendly way possible. To support our mission and the health and safety of campus occupants and guests we attempt to utilize the " greenest" products and practices to complete the job at hand. Below are a few examples:

  • Chemical-free cleaning techniques 
  • Peroxide based cleaners
  • Ionized Water based cleaning
  • Use of Microfiber
  • Clean water cleaning systems
  • Walk off matting - reduces the amount of dirt/debris tracked into buildings thus causing less chemicals and water to clean
  • Hepa-filtered vacuums
  • Botanical based pesticides where practical

The cleaning practices listed above have a positive effect on our environment. A few of the positives are less water used, less waste water discharge and lower VOC's (volatile organic compounds) to name a few. Not only is one of our school colors green, but our practices are too!

In general there are no associated costs with Custodial service at Siena College. Special requests can be made through the Service Desk (contact information above). If there will be charges associated with your request, a senior member of the Custodial Department will contact you with a  quote. At that time, the services can be scheduled based on availability of Custodial staff and priority of service.

Examples of chargeable items are:

  • Carpet cleaning out of cycle
  • Custodial coverage for Events
  • Project and task work regarding office moves or a charge in the use of space
  • Vandalism (see below)
    • Cleaning requests in response to vandalism will be charged to the responsible individuals and billed through the appropriate College office after services are completed



Sevices Provided:
  • Maintenance and repair to all campus low voltage electrical systems: Exit/egress lights, battery banks, battery chargers, fire/smoke dampers.
  • New Installations: Electrified door hardware, lighting control systems, new electrical services (120,208 and 480v systems), and panel load readings.
  • Size and install conduits, conductors, switches, outlets, and junction boxes.
  • Cubicle/Office installations and relocations: Power poles for cubicles, motion detectors/occupancy sensors, receptacle/light switching.
  • Light fixtures: installation, ballast and bulb repair/replacement, and special case re-lamping.
  • Installation and repair of exit lights.
  • Intrusion alarm system installation/connecting.
  • Equipment/service disconnect.
  • Temporary power for special events and/or campus projects.



The Grounds Department at Siena College is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the campus landscape.

Our Tasks Include....

  • Maintenance of all trees, shrubs, and turf on campus. This includes mowing, trimming, weeding, pruning, mulching, seeding, fertilzation, watering, and leaf removal.
  • Maintenance, street sweeping, snow plowing, salting/sanding of parking lots, roads, and pedestrian travelways.
  • The daily pickup and service for all trash and recycling locations.
  • Seasonal Projects - spring flowers plantings, fall mum installations, and tree care / plantings are important elements to the care of the campus.
  • Care for the athletic fields, coordinated with our Athletics Department of optimize the fields for game days
Did you know?

Siena's Campus is over 175 acres - one acre =equals almost an entire football field!
The annual average snowfall total for Loudonville, N.Y. is over 60 inches!
The Grounds Department plants over 4,000 annuals each spring!

Frequently Asked Questions.....

How does Grounds prioritize work and always make everything look great?  Our number one priority is safety, followed close by aesthetics. The campus is maintained using a zone maintenance system, so each area or zone usually has two dedicated staff members.

How does Grounds schedule work around all of the other campus events and activities (i.e. outdoor classes, picnics, and tours?) We are in constant communication with many different groups and departments on campus, as well working with our CMMS (our computer based work order system) and the campus events scheduling software

I am having a event next week and want everyone to know about it - can  I post information sheets on trees in the quad? No, in accordance with our campus posting policy, posting must be approved by Campus Programs.  


Lock Shop

  • Install, repair, and maintenance of locks and lock parts
  • Key replacement and duplication
  • Establish master key system and electronic locks
  • Re-key/re-combinate locks; re-pin new and existing padlocks and cylinders
  • Repair/clear lock obstructions
  • Repair/replace worn tumblers and springs
  • Repair/replace/maintain door closures, panic bar hardware, door holders & hinges, and install latches & deadbolts
  • Support campus safety efforts
  • Design assistance and cost estimating


Moving & Events

Need Furniture moved in your office? Have a broken bed in your dorm? Want to schedule a special room/furniture set up for your club event?'ve come to the right place.....Moving and Events. We move things, we set them up, and then we take them down.

Just call the Facilities Work Request Desk tell us who, what, where, and when......and your request will be initiated, put in the queue, and executed by our Moving and Events team.

If you are a student and you need a furniture replacement, you must provide the following information when making a request:

Phone Number
Building & Room Number
Problem Decription
Permission to enter the premises should you be away from your residence

If you are a student, faculty, staff, or administrator and you wish to request a set up for an event, you must provide the following information when making a request for service:

Phone Number
Building and Room number
Sponsoring Department
Event Name
Event Date
Description of the set up you need
Budget Code (Events are Chargeable)
Any special requirements needed

Note: All employee (faculty, staff or administrator) moves must be coordinated with the College's Space Planner.  The Director of Facilities Design & Construction will be consulted as required.  Please email to arrange for moves.


Paint Shop

The Siena College Paint Shop consists of quality craftsmen who provide proper interior and exterior preparation and painting of all 46 buildings on campus. Building painting is done on a schedule or an as-needed basis and is frequently done in conjunction with other planned maintenance, alterations, or upgrades of campus spaces.The office of Design and Construction has established certain color standards for general use throughout campus buildings. Painting done as part of regular maintenance is non-billable. Special requests and requests outside of the maintenance cycle are billable. In addition, outside contractor work is overseen by our shop personnel.

Painting Services:
  • Painting building interiors & exteriors, custom color matching and tinting
  • Painting light poles, bollards, railings, bridges, etc.
  • Painting residence halls, classrooms, stairwells, hallways, offices, and restrooms
  • Drywall repair and painting associated with remodels or renovations
  • Paint/stain new unfinished furniture/trim
  • Furniture refinishing, includes stripping/finishing of classic wood furniture
  • Renew walls, trim, cabinets, and doors
  • Hang wall coverings
  • Window filming and frosting or tinting
  • Specialty painting such as epoxies and decorative coatings
  • Design assistance and cost estimating


Pest Control


A variety of nature's creatures and insects often seek shelter and food by heading indoors.

Here at Siena our approach to the invasion of pests is:

  • Prevention is #1 - keep all indoor living and working spaces free of food/drink/trash debris. Regular cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces will assist in discouraging the initial entry.
  • Spaces trespassed upon by common insects (ants, conifer seed bugs, flies, and bees) or pests (mice), can be substantially minimized and/or eradicated with treatments by Custodial staff, specifically trained in the control of pests. (Please note: Custodial only handles interior spaces. Any exterior pest problems should be directed to Grounds.)
  • Conifer Seed Bugs are best handled by sweeping or vacuuming to remove pest.
  • Should a student report bed bugs, the following protocol must be followed:
    • The student will be referred to Health Services or a primary medical doctor for evaluation of possible bed bug bites.
    • A work order under Pest Control Services must be submitted to the Facilities Service Department.
    • A certified Pesticide Applicator or  Technician will be dispatched to investigate within 24 hours. Siena has 5 certified pest technicians on staff in the Facilities Department. A total of 2 indoor and 3 outdoor Pesticide Applicators or Technicians
    • If a positive confirmed case of bed bugs is confirmed, the following protocol will take place:
      • Residence Life is notified
      • The student removes all bedding, linens, and clothing around the affected area and properly cleans all items. Un-washable items should be inspected and treated in the appropriate manner by the student (bed bug protocol).
      • Facilities treat mattresses. Current protocol is for sealed mattresses that are resistant to bedbugs
      • Facilities will provide the pest control remediation necessary to eliminate and deter the return of bed bugs
      • Facilities staff will re-inspect and re-apply pesticides as needed.

In the event that a pest issue arises, please contact the Facilities Work Request desk, to submit a request for Pest Control Service.


Plumbing & HVAC

One of the most important environmental comforts of any living and working environment is space temperature. Here at Facilities Management we work hard to keep our student, faculty, staff, administrators, and our visitors comfortable while we live, work, and learn. Our Plumbing and HVAC diligently work towards maintaining the efficiency of our various heating and cooling systems.

Plumbing Shop Services
  •  Maintenance of cooling, heating, and hot water equipment.
  • Replacement and repair of fixtures, valves, and other system parts.
  • Clearing of all drains.
  • Backflow preventer installations.
  • Installation of de-ionized water lines and valves.
  • Water Fountain maintenance.
  • Drain, waste, and vent system installation/connections/testings.
  • Roof, floor, and area drain installations/connections.
  • Locate, install, connect, and test, water supply piping.
  • Diagnose and repair water supply, drainage piping, and water heaters.
  • Leak detection and repairs.
HVAC Services
  • Maintain and repair all heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
  • Mechanical and electrical repairs of air handling units and chillers.
  • Maintain and repair fume hoods, environmental growth chambers, pumps, and data center cooling.
  • Service and repair ice machines and cold room.
  • Trouble shoots, repairs, and adjust pneumatic, electronic, and line voltage controls.
  • Install new heating and cooling coils, air handlers, split systems, etc.
  • Preventative maintenance on air conditioner units, water coolers, split systems, heat pumps, and mixing boxes.


Print Shop

The Siena College Reprographics Department
"personnel makes up a team dedicated to customer service and satisfaction."

Reprographics Department
Haas Plant Operations Building
Print Shop
Room 103

Phone Number 518-783-2585


All Print Shop request should be made through the following link 

You will need your network password to login along with the department and/or sub-department FOAPAL for the required fields. If you have any questions with logging in or filling out the form you may contact the print shop at x2585

Email Print Shop 


What services does the Siena Print Shop offer to me?

For Faculty:

  • Syllabis
  • Tests
  • Quizzes
  • Exams
  • Handouts
  • Business Cards
  • Power Points
  • And Much More!

For Staff and Administrators:

  • Business Cards
  • Department Letterhead and Envelopes
  • Note Pads
  • Book Binding
  • Flyers for your upcoming events

Q: What else can I receive from the Reprographics shop?

A: We have Siena note cards and envelopes, presentation folders, Siena mailing labels, Sprial, GBC and glue binding of booklets, printing of posters of all sizes, laminating.


Shipping and Receiving

Located: Haas Building, Facilities Management
Hours: 7:00AM - 3:00PM

To email Shipping and Receiving please click the link:

Services Provided:
  • Receiving UPS, FedEx, and Private Carrier Package
  • Delivery of package to Post Office and Department Office
  • Ship UPS off Campus
  • Delivery of Reprographic Shop print jobs
  • Student package received from outside shipping Co.(i.e. UPS,FedEx) are delivered to the Campus Post Office located in the Sarazen Student Union.


Sign Shop

Signs are here, there, and everywhere...........who puts them up you ask?

Siena's Facilities Management Sign Shop. Signs for dorms, offices, exits, elevators, restrooms, mechanical rooms, buildings, events, roadways, directional signs, and so on, we do them all.

We specialize in keeping you informed on where you are going and how to get there.

Should you need one, we also provide brass chair plates, donor brass plates, and interior or exterior dedication signs.

If we can help with your signage needs, please contact the Facilities Work Request Desk.

Have the following information ready:

Phone #
Building and Room
Decription of your request, including location for the signage
Budget Code
Permission to enter the premises in your absence

CONSIDER the following........signage that is removed without authorization will be charged to those responsible for the offense. Charges will include a vandalism fee and full cost of replacement, including replacement labor.


Call or email the Facilities Work Request Desk