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Long Term Parking

Designated parking lots for those times you need to park for an extended period of time.

Facilities above and beyond award

January 2020 WINNER:     Ed Jones


Recognizes employee for having a positive impact on the Siena Community, for going that extra mile to benefit others, and for being a shining example of the Franciscan Misson, which encourages us to "work together in friendship and respect"

A work of art demanded a work of art

Siena has acquired, through the generosity of donors and the leadership of Siena's mission office, one of the limited seven-volume Heritage Edition sets of the St. John's Bible. The Bibles are a true visual and artistic masterpiece -- so any ordinary display clase just wouldn't do. The College could have spent more than $80,000 on a set of seven cases. Instead, the project was turned over to Siena's carpentry shop. At a fraction of the cost, carpenters Tom Lipsky (above, left) and Gary Bosko (above, right) designed the blueprints and constructed the cases... from scratch.  The Heritage Edition Bibles, now displayed in their custom built cherry displays, are the centerpiece of "Illuminating the Imagination," an exhibition in the Yates Gallery, on the second floor of the Standish Library. There will be a grand unveiling for "Illuminating the Imagination" on September 27, but the gallery is accessible now to the campus community.