Summer Course Tuition Rates

The undergraduate part-time tuition rate is discounted to $500/credit hour ($1,500 for a 3-credit course and $2,000 for a 4-credit course) for a single course taken during the 2020 summer session.  Undergraduate internships and independent studies are also $500/credit hour during the summer. Regular part-time tuition during the fall and spring semesters is $675/credit hour. Graduate courses are not eligible for the discounted rate.

Take More than one course and save even more...

Students taking a second or third course from any of the undergraduate summer session offerings receive an additional discounted rate of only $250/credit hour on those added courses. Taking two 3-credit courses would be $2,250 and three would be $3,000 (a potential savings of up to $3,075).


These rates only apply to students taking less than 12 credits over the entire summer.  If a student registers for more than 11 credits, they are considered a full-time student and FULL-TIME TUITION RATES will apply.  Students who choose to be full time during the summer must register through the Office of Academic Affairs in Siena Hall 202, and not through self-serve. Please see the Siena College Catalog for full-time tuition rates and fees.


A College Registration Fee of $110 is applied to all part-time student registrations, per semester.


If you wish to withdraw from a summer course and fail to formally withdraw by the posted deadline, you may be held liable for all or a portion of the tuition fee for that course. The official Withdrawal Form for Siena College can be found here.

High School Scholars Tuition

Qualified and motivated high school juniors and seniors have the opportunity to take introductory undergraduate courses for a discounted rate of just $750 per course, which applies to any 3 or 4-credit course. Students receive a letter grade and full college credit for all completed courses. The registration form can be found on the Summer webpage.  

Please Note:

The High School Scholar rate only applies to students taking less than 12 credits over the summer, or any single semester. If a student registers for more than 11 credits, they are considered a full-time student and FULL-TIME TUITION RATES will apply.

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