The Journey to Freedom project has recorded the stories of women and men from the Capital Region of New York who participated in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Many traveled to the segregated Deep South. Others were active in their home communities. All worked to advance social justice. 

These oral history interviews will be archived at Siena College and will be accessible to the public on this website. All who view these videos will learn that the success of the Movement depended not only on the heroism of its celebrated leaders, but also on the dedication and sacrifices of many thousand everyday people--the "foot soldiers" of the Movement. 

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On February 3, 2024, we will honor the work of 15 local civil rights activists and preview their oral history interviews. 


Journey to Freedom Team

Paul Murray, Co-Producer

Donald Hyman, Co-Producer

Zebulon Schmidt, Videographer

Kirk Daniels, Videographer