Valentine's Day might have you thinking about who you love, but now is also a great time to think about what you love—and what it is you might want to study in college. Whether your passion is in science, economics, English or history, we're here to tell you that choosing to study something you love can be your smartest career choice.

Throughout college, majoring in a subject you love can help you...

...increase productivity. By now, you may have noticed a common trend on your report cards: the subjects you earned the highest grades in are the same ones you've been most excited about. Because you care about the material at hand, you'll be more likely to retain information and dedicate time to producing quality work.

...stay motivated. When you love what you're studying, your out-of-the-classroom experiences can be just as fun and intriguing. From field trips and guest speakers to mentorships and internships, you'll see and do things that pique your interest, apply directly to what you're learning and give you a feel for the different careers you can hold.

And years down the road, a career in something you're passionate about will help you...

...feel fulfilled. Have you ever heard this: "Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life?" Pursuing a major (and later, a career), that reflects what you're most passionate about ensures that over time, you'll still feel a sense of accomplishment and appreciation for your work.

...inspire others. There's no greater success story than that of someone who followed their dreams, chose the path they love and excelled in it. Show your fellow students, friends, family and future colleagues that studying what you love has huge rewards, from enthusiasm in the classroom to long-term satisfaction in the workplace.

If you aren't quite ready to declare your major, our free guide will tell you why being undecided, or "exploring," is your next best move.

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