We love when families carry on the Siena tradition. But if you’re in the boat of not really wanting to be a legacy student, well, what can we say, we totally get it. 

1. They’ll tell everyone you got in because of them. 

But for real: It’s way more likely they’ll say “I always knew my kid was a Saint.” They know you’ve earned it and when you’re accepted to Siena, it’s because of your own merit, your own hard work, your application and your potential. 

2. No one wants to have the same college experience as their parents!

But for real: Siena’s values, traditions, location, and highly-respected reputation are time-tested, but there’s been a lot of upgrades since your parents were Saints. For starters, we have a host of new majors and programs, like communications, nursing, data science, applied physics, an MBA and more. But also, student life evolves with time. New clubs and organizations, a new fitness center, new housing options and new study abroad opportunities… even a new food truck and Starbucks. 

3. Who really  cares about free Siena merch? 

But for real: There’s no one your parents would rather pass on their old Siena swag to than you. And not only is “vintage” always in, it’s free. FREE. Save your money for outings in the Capital Region and wear that Siena Class of Whatever Year hat with pride.

4. They’ll never let you pick the dinner place. 

But for real: When mom and dad say they want to relive their Siena years at their favorite local restaurant, show them this blog post. Lots of new spots have popped up near campus, and if they don’t live locally, they’ll have no idea what you mean by Tipsy Moose, Innovo Kitchen or Bellini’s Italian Eatery. 

5. Ugh, you’ll turn out just like them.

But for real: Here’s hoping that, like all of Siena’s alumni, your parents are good people, successful and happy. That’s the approach to education that we take at Siena—to guide our students into living lives of meaning and success. And we do that through countless service opportunities and interesting courses, combined with internship experiences and incredible research projects. Trust us (as you get older you’ll realize this more and more) there’s nothing wrong with sharing your parents’ best qualities.


So, you’re right: Don’t follow your parents to Siena. Come and create your own experience and memories. Before you know it Siena will become yours vs. theirs.

Still not convinced? Connect with us at admissions and we’ll put you in touch with one of our many legacy students who is loving the Saint life. Or, apply now and see how happy it makes your parents when you invite them over for lunch at their old stomping grounds.