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If Haley Giuliano '21, G'23 had to choose a favorite, which is not easy to do, she'd go with the dark chocolate sea salt caramels. Of course, she never tires of sampling. Haley is in charge of social media for Sayville Chocolatier, not product quality, but it nevers hurts to be well-rounded in your internship experience!

"I, of course, love trying all of the different chocolates, though my favorite part of the internship so far has been working with the current team. They are a local mom and pop shop, and so we see results almost instantly."

The results have come from Haley's influence on their social media accounts. Haley talked her way into the internship by describing her experience taking social media marketing and digital marketing courses at Siena. She's worked on social media and digital marketing simulations in class, but this was a chance to take over at a real business and improve their digital presence.

"I am constantly researching new social media trends and helping to apply them to the Sayville Chocolatier's platforms. I work with other employees to create content, I help maintain the website, and I have even weighed in on other marketing decisions, such as the introduction of new product offerings after listening to customers' wants and needs."

Haley enjoys the chocolate game, but after graduating with her MBA, she has loftier designs. 

"I am hoping to do marketing in the travel industry, preferably with an airline, and this experience has allowed me to see how much I like working with online platforms and interacting with customers that way. I have loved being able to take feedback from both my supervisors and customers to improve interactions and reach our target markets."

Haley has gained one other important insight during the internship. The product is important, but community relations is just as sweet.

"The Sayville Chocolatier is actively involved in the community, including judging a pie competition at the local fall festival. I think this just goes to show that business is so much more than a transaction. Businesses can get involved in their communities and get to know their customers on a more personal level and build relationships with them."