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Carli poses with the Siena Radio Station banner

Carli Scolforo '21 considers herself a "natural-born groupie." She's been traveling with musicians since she was a kid - mainly because she liked the music, but maybe because her dad couldn't always find a babysitter. Bob Scolforo played bass for Evan Rude and the Motors and a few other local bands in Pittsfield, MA. He introduced his daughter to the Beatles; Carli's older brother exposed her to My Chemical Romance. Her musical palette, more refined than most, falls somewhere in between those artists. 

Carli assumed she would put a journalism degree to work covering traditional news. But a heart of vinyl, she was always more interested in music and entertainment news. It's a difficult niche market to crack. Of course, you never know if you don't try. 

Back in October, she applied for an internship with Paste, a music and entertainment digital magazine headquartered in Atlanta. She didn't hear back for months. But in early January, Carli scored an interview. By the end of the following week, she had already written eight articles for Paste!  

Carli is writing two to three articles per day for Paste. The pieces are often about an artist's new release, a musical performance on Late Night, etc. Then, for the rest of her workday, Carli has the freedom to work on longer feature-style pieces that can really be about anything. The interns have the freedom to write for other sections of the magazine, for example, comedy. 

Fans of The Office will be familiar with Dwight Schrute's cousin, Mose. Carli did a Google search during an Office binge, and discovered that Mose is played by Michael Schur, a producer and writer for the show. His Emmy winning credits extend to some of her other favorite shows. She thought it would make for a great article. She was right. 

The Michael Schur Sitcom Makes for the Ultimate Rewatch

"That freedom to write about whatever we're passionate about is one of my favorite things about working for Paste, along with the staff, who made me feel at home even while working remotely. Having my favorite band like a tweet about my article about them wasn't a bad perk either!"

"I think this internship will be priceless when it comes to my job search after graduation this spring. There's no better way to improve your writing than by writing a lot, which has definitely been the case so far. It's also given me the opportunity to start making some music PR contacts, and get to know people who work in the music journalism industry." 


Carli Scolforo '21