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Ifrah Mohammed head shot
Ifrah Mohammed '22.

Most students learn about professional work through internships. Ifrah Mohammed '22 unintentionally turned the process inside out. 

Ifrah needed a job, any job, so she surfed CareerSaint in search of employment. She landed part-time work with the Career and Internship Center as a marketing assistant. It's only a few hours per week, but she's earning a paycheck, which was the primary goal. As a bonus, she's getting weekly career advice through osmosis. 

Just by being in and around meetings, she's gained insight into the power of experience and the primary obstacle holding some students back: fear. Fear of not being ready, or fear of rejection, or fear of the unknown keeps some students from exploring career opportunities. Ifrah stared down the fear, and exceeded her own expectations. 

Last summer, Ifrah worked as an editorial intern for Marketing Choices, a company that primarily handles marketing in the adoption agency space. Near the end of her internship, the company developed a brand new position for a social media intern. Ifrah had little experience, but she pushed aside the fear, and scored the internship.  

Ifrah is a communications major in the journalism track and was somewhat surprised to discover the overlap between journalism and marketing.

"In journalism class, we learn to write concisely and to be conversational. Whether it's social media or blog posts, it's the same approach. You have to be able to connect with an audience and clearly make your point. Also, the information I promote to birth mothers is very important and even life changing which is why I have to write responsibly. This aligns with the importance of integrity and accuracy in journalism."

Ifrah may still pursue traditional journalism; specifically she's interested in reporting on social justices issues. Or, maybe she'll continue with marketing, perhaps with a focus on social media. More doors opened as soon as she pushed aside the fear. 

"I had no experience with marketing, but the Career and Internship Center took me in, and I've learned so much. Just by listening to Alicia Pepe and the staff, I've learned that the journey to a career starts as a freshman. Everything you do from volunteering to clubs can be leveraged on a resume. I'm really grateful for my time at the Career and Internship Center plus my experiences with Marketing Choices."

Ifrah Mohammad '22