Campus Events

Summertime is the ideal time for the College to dig, repair, and install. Disruption is kept to a minimum when students are away, so Facilities has started to tackle its list of summer time projects. The ambitious to-do list includes...

  • Patricia Gioia Hall Welcome Center – a major renovation of the previous McGuire Hall. The project is scheduled to be completed by next summer. 
  • Bob Guido Athletic Academic Center – construction of an addition over the existing UHY Center lobby is scheduled to start next month and will run through the winter.
  • Stormwater line upgrade – a large section of underground stormwater line located behind Siena Hall will be replaced starting this week and is scheduled to be done before the fall semester begins.
  • Emergency generator installations – new emergency generators for Padua Hall and Ryan Hall and the Friary will be installed starting this summer.
  • Rooftop HVAC unit replacements – a total of nine new rooftop HVAC units will be installed on Padua Hall and the MAC. This work will start next month and due to equipment delays, run through early September. 
  • Morrell Science Center emergency showers & eyewash stations – a dozen new emergency shower and eyewash stations needed to comply with current safety guidelines are being installed.
  • Pavement upgrades – starting in later July, our paving contractor will be upgrading the asphalt pavements in a number of campus locations.
  • Campus painting, roof and floor renewal – throughout the summer, contractors will be painting our residence halls, repairing our slate and shingle roofs and replacing flooring in various academic, athletic, and residential areas.
  • Baseball field bullpens – starting next month, a contractor will be constructing two bullpens along the baselines of our baseball field for our home team and visiting team pitchers.
  • Foy Hall air conditioning equipment upgrades - projects are underway to replace old air conditioning equipment in several areas with new, more efficient a/c equipment.
  • Massry Commons C-Store (Bernie’s) modifications – a project to modify the subject space to expand the convenience store options is planned for later this summer.
  • Light fixture retrofits – an in-house project to replace a number of exterior light fixtures with new LED fixtures is planned for later this summer.

"As we emerge from the pandemic, we once again this year will be experiencing a very busy summer for our Facilities staff, our physical plant and a number of commercial contractors. Leading the way will be the groundbreaking for the Patricia Gioia Hall and the Bob Guido Athletic Academic Center. We are also very fortunate to be able to continue our collective efforts to protect Siena’s investment in our existing campus by executing a number of maintenance and recapitalization projects. My team will continue to do all that we can to keep our campus safe, healthy, efficient, attractive and fully supportive of our academic mission."

Mark Frost, AVP for facilities management