Campus Events

On June 18, 2019, Siena Fresh Executive Chef Joshua Miller took Rachel Jones, senior director of dining services, on a lunch date to The Sagamore in Lake George. After lunch, they walked around the back of the resort and out toward the water. Miller got down on one knee....

"I'm sure the things he was saying to me were absolutely beautiful, but I didn't heart a word he said because I was so happy!"

Miller and Jones will be married in Akron, Ohio next weekend. Their love story began on the Siena campus six summers ago. They worked closely together and felt an instant connection. The friendship grew into love, and by then, Jones says...

 "We both also started falling in love with Siena." 

Jones has a very small family. Miller, though, is close with dozens of relatives in Ohio. So, it made more sense to exchange their vows in the Midwest, even though that meant their Siena family would miss the celebration. But Beth DeAngelis had an idea...

The Mission Office threw a campus celebration for the almost newlyweds on June 2. DeAngelis provided the reading and Fr. Larry Anderson, O.F.M., College Chaplain, offered a reflection. Following a candle lighting and prayer, Fr. Mark Reamer, O.F.M., vice president for mission, gave the final blessing and led a champagne toast for the dozens of Siena friends and Siena family. 

"It’s difficult to put into words what this event meant to us. By nature we are givers - you have to be in the hospitality industry. It is often hard for us to receive as a result, but Beth helped us realize that this is our time. Simply put, we are genuinely moved and feel loved. Over the past six years, we have become deeply rooted in the Siena community and have profound and meaningful relationships with so many people.  Neither of us have ever worked in an environment where people are so kind, caring and supportive. Also, not everyone gets to say their marriage blessed by a room full of Siena College Friars!"

Rachel Jones, senior director of dining services; Joshua Miller, Siena Fresh executive chef

"We organized a celebration in the Chapel in order to pray together, and offer our unconditional support and love as Rachel and Josh embark upon their married life. After a long time in social isolation, it felt wonderful to be together and recall the blessing of our community!"

Beth DeAngelis, senior director, Thea Bowman Center for Women