Cadyanne Douglas summer
Cadyann Douglas '24

"I’m working with a TRIO program called Upward Bound at SUNY Plattsburgh! Upward Bound is a program designed for low income and first generation high school students so that way they have access to college after graduation. We help prepare students for the future and assist in the application process - I’m personally a TA for a class on writing college application essays! Outside of the class, I get to form connections with students and help on their journey through secondary education." Cadyann Douglas '24

Isabella Abellonio '25 summer fun
Isabella Abellonion '25

"I traveled to Colombia because I have family here and I’m staying for three weeks. So far we’ve seen beautiful sites, stayed in pretty hotels, spent time with family, and so many more activities including riding quads, horseback riding, and sight seeing. I’m having so much fun!"  Isabella Abellonio '25


Kristina summer
Kristina Gatto '24

"I was one of eight people selected to participate in the astronomy Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program at the University of Florida this summer! I've been paired with a mentor and given a project that I've worked on throughout the summer. My project has been simulating exoplanet systems with more than one star and learning what parameters will allow for such binary-star systems to exist. This has been such an amazing and memorable experience, and I'm so grateful I was given the opportunity to come to UF!"  Kristina Gatto '24