One of the things students love about the admissions committee at Siena College is that we're really passionate about our school, and share the same Saint spirit as our students. Of course, it doesn't hurt that some of us were Siena students. Enter Katie Szalda, our new director of admissions and graduate of the Class of 2001.

Katie graduated from Siena with a B.S. in Marketing and began working in admissions in 2003. (And it just so happens her husband is a Siena grad, too.)

When you were an undergrad at Siena, did you ever think you'd end up working in Siena's admissions the director or otherwise?

I never thought as an undergrad that I would work in admissions. I thought for sure a job in NYC was my future (girl from a small town heads to the big city). As a student, I was a tour guide, but didn't truly understand the job and what it entailed. That changed when I began working here in July 2003 as an advisor. I haven't turned back since.

What do you love about your new role?

Besides the fact that I have the BEST admissions team in the world, I love working with prospective students and their families. It's wonderful seeing smiles on students' faces after they've had a great interaction with Siena.

What are some ways Siena has changed since when you were a student here?

There are so many opportunities for our students, from research to internships to study abroad. I wish I could go back and study abroad (my biggest regret in college!). Secondly, the new Student Union, updated residence halls (specifically Snyder Hall and the Townhouses), the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Siena Hall...the list goes on! Physically, the campus is continuing to grow and that's awesome to see.

Is there anything that has remained the same?

Siena College is still the friendliest place on Earth. People hold doors, smile and say hello. Some things never change. It's also the best place to be in the fallhands down!

What's something you're really excited about this year? 

STARBUCKS ON CAMPUS! My wallet is in trouble for sure. On a serious note, we are developing a new series of programs for accepted students. We are still in the process of designing them. They will be very personal and tailored towards each student's specific interests....I am so excited about them!

We like to ask students to complete this sentence (see here), but now it's your turn. You know you work at Siena when...

...pulling into the office each day doesn't feel like work—it's home!

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