Baldwin Nursing Program, School of Science

New and expecting parents often need supplies and information. Siena nursing students are providing both. 

Capital Region Community Resource hosted an unconventional baby shower in Troy this month for anyone who needed it. New and expecting parents, as well as caregivers and extended family, were provided access to baby clothes and other essentials, including tips on mental health. That was the gift provided by a handful of caring Saints.  

Eight Siena nursing students were on hand to provide postpartum education. More than one in 10 new mothers develop depressive symptoms after giving birth, but often aren't aware of the symptoms or don't know how to manage the disorder. Saints did the research then shared their knowledge with new moms.

"The amount of people who were accepting and grateful for our postpartum education helped us know we made a difference in the community of Troy," said Sarah Insull '24. "Knowing that I played a role in this was very rewarding and meaningful to me! We put together a raffle basket of baby items too, and the winner was very grateful."

Spectrum News covered the event, below, and captured the gratitude of the attendees. The Saints, meanwhile, were just grateful for the experience.

"It was great to see the community come together to provide for the needs of others," said Julia Ward '24. "I am grateful I had the opportunity to work with my classmates to provide education, resources, and supplies to families in need. I am proud of the hard work my classmates and I put into studying and helping the community over the semester."

In addition to postpartum information, Saints discussed strategies with parents and caregivers to minimize the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which disproportionately occurs within disadvantaged communities.

"We were able to show the community how involved Siena’s nursing students want to be in the health of the public," said Insull. "Overall, it was a super rewarding and important event."