Need help prepping for an exam or plotting out a project? ASC is your place. Same if course content is keeping you up nights, and not in a good way. 

Siena professors are always up for helping their students, and even further support is available through the College’s Academic Success Center (ASC). The department has a new name and a new location, but they are keeping the same important goal: to work with Siena students to help them achieve their best.

The ASC is now housed in the Fr. Ben Kuhn House, a stone’s throw from the athletic center (it used to be in Siena Hall). You can stop in for one tutoring session, or schedule a few for ongoing assistance. Individual and group subject tutoring are available, and there are sessions on time management, study skills, course selection, choosing a major/minor, and more. All sessions are always free of charge. The Ben Kuhn location features new tutoring desks, workshop space and department offices; an open house was hosted there Sept. 30 to introduce the new location to students. 

You may have previously known the office as Student Academic Success and Engagement (SASE), but it was changed to ASC to clarify that SASE is technically the umbrella term for an integrated group of Siena departments designed to promote student learning and engagement.

Director Jen Costello said ASC “is a one-stop shop to address academic challenges.

“This will be fantastic space for student use,” said Costello. “Students can come by and receive tutoring or skills help right here instead of having to meet up elsewhere on campus."   

ASC has three student peer advisors on board, in addition to a roster of tutors to assist with everything from biochem to business math and more. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

“A lot of people don't realize how easy it is to find a tutor and schedule an appointment,” said Francesca Muzio ‘24, one of the peer advisors. “I have a lot of respect for people who have the courage to come into the office and ask for help. They are taking their education and future into their own hands and it's truly admirable. There shouldn’t be a stigma about getting a tutor or asking for academic help in college; we can't be expected to know everything right away!” 

Advisor Ilana Cutler ’23 said her favorite part about working in ASC is “helping students find classes that they are truly passionate about,” while Emma Ries ’24 said she enjoys providing insight on academic programs. 

“I hope I can continue to make this academic process less daunting and stressful for the students that are looking for help.”

Glenn Braddock ’95, Ph.D., assistant vice president for academic affairs, said the launch of the ASC in its new, expanded location is “a clear indication of Siena's commitment to our students' success.

“This is a big deal!” he said. “The ASC plays a key role in our College-wide efforts to support students at every step on their way to graduation and beyond.  I'm excited for the ASC team, and we're all grateful for the opportunity and the resources to foster our students' learning and academic achievement.”

There are a number of ways for Saints to reach out to the ASC: you can call 518-783-2341; email them at, or just stop by the Ben Kuhn House. You can also check out their services on the ASC website, or follow them on Instagram at @asc.Siena.