The omelet station is gone. Don't panic! It's been replaced by an all new one, among other Lonnstrom Dining Hall upgrades.

Perhaps you've never noticed the hot plates, but they play an important role in maintaining the quality, and the heat, of your food. They're now gone, replaced by more efficient hot wells. During winter break, Lonnstrom Dining Hall benefited from phase one of a COVID-delayed renovation... not all of the upgrades will be immediately noticeable, but the proof is on the plate. 

In addition to the new omelet station, you'll find an all-day continental breakfast bar. The deli counter has also been upgraded with expanded options and new specials. Later this spring, a new and expanded salad bar will be installed, plus a new grill station designed to keep food hotter, longer. Behind the scenes, there will be new ovens in the kitchen to assist with more even cooking. Bon appetit!

“Lonnstrom is the largest dining facility on campus, and having this new equipment is going to significantly impact a successful semester with happy Saints!"

Rachel Miller, senior director of dining services

“The students will benefit from these changes, which makes my heart sing!"

Amanda Greco, general manager of Lonnstrom Dining Hall