It's easy to see why our admissions counselors love their jobs. Through compelling essays, campus events and informal visits, they get to hear about the most interesting aspects of prospective students' lives.


 Ever wanted to turn the tables around and find out what makes them unique, what they love to do or what happened in middle school that they still vividly remember? Now's your chance.

Here are some little-known facts about a few of Siena's admissions counselors—great conversation starters, should you end up meeting any of them! 

- While studying abroad in Australia, John Bond went skydiving, bungee jumping and rode the world's fastest jungle swing all within five hours of each other. In his downtime, you can find John watching Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Lightning games while listening to P!nk.

-The first job Meghan Buckley '17 held after graduating from Siena was at a vineyard on Cape Cod. She worked there for about 1.5 years before returning home to Siena. Still her favorite place to visit during the summer!

- Anthony Pelliccia '17 is a big lover of sports and music. He has a large collection of sports memorabilia and a few autographed vinyl records from some musical greats, including two from Billy Joel!

- Now you see Dale Taylor '02 now you don't. Dale has been practicing magic for over seven years. (And while he can't actually disappear, he is awesome at juggling.) He's also a published author and is currently working on his second book!

- Ever since her mom went vegan five years ago, Mariah Rodriguez '21 has been turning all of her favorite family desserts to a vegan version through trial and error. She has her own notebook and notecards that serve as her own little cookbook. (Let her know if you want her banana chocolate chip bread recipe—dairy-and egg-free!)

-Jim Eaton has run SEVEN marathons and is also a co-owner of Fort Orange Brewing, a super popular microbrewery in Albany, New York. 

-When you meet Director of Admissions Katie Szalda '01, maybe don't ask her about the time she broke her nose while on a dunk tank in middle school. It's kind of a sore subject ;) Instead, bring up her family. Katie and her husband Dave are both Siena grads, and hopefully their two kids will be too. Class of 2037 and 2040?!

- If Jen Sloan '98 wasn't working in admissions, she'd be a professional lip syncer. Voted Class Clown in high school, she's also always wanted to be a contestant on The Price is Right. 

- When she is not jet-setting the globe, Lindsay King brings her energy to her indoor cycling classes that she teaches weekly!

Now that you know more about our quirky, fun-loving, literally magical admissions team, we'd love to know more about you. If you haven't already, arrange a visit to Siena so we can chat in person.