The Top College in NY for Job Placement: You’re Hired! WABI-TV

Siena College has been ranked the number one college in New York for landing meaningful, career-oriented employment by Zippia. Marleigha Clipston ’23 had her pick of jobs all across the country. 

The journalist who inspired Marleigha Clipston's '23 passion for journalism isn't actually a reporter – at least not in real life. 

"My mom turned me onto the Gilmore Girls (a comedy-drama of the 2000s). Rory Gilmore pursued a career in journalism. I guess I wanted to be like Rory. I'm actually re-watching the series right now." 

Marleigha's career has already eclipsed that of her fictional role model. On September 5, Marleigha began working for WABI-TV, the CBS affiliate in Bangor, Maine. Following two weeks of training, she made her debut as the Monday through Friday 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. news anchor. 

"It's a little crazy. I'm very young compared to everyone at my station. Just six months ago I decided I wanted to do this, and now watching newscasts live from the studio, it's a little surreal that I'm actually here. It doesn't feel real yet."

Through her junior year, Marleigha thought she would pursue a writing career, maybe print journalism. But, in her news writing and reporting class, "I got the hands on experience of reporting and anchoring. I realized I can actually do this, and I'm good at it. That gave me the confidence to pursue it." 

This past spring, Marleigha designed an independent study with the purpose of developing a reporter/anchor demo reel (think audition tape). To do it right, she gave up weekends with friends to travel around the area, by herself, conducting interviews and cultivating stories for her reel. 

"I would have friends going to brunch and I was driving three hours round trip to a farm in Pleasant Valley to cover a llama Easter parade for my reel. It was definitely worth it."

By the end of the semester, Marleigha posted her finished reel to YouTube. She wasn't sure anyone would notice until she started getting calls from news directors all over the country. Initially, Marleigha intended to stay in the Capital Region, but as opportunities opened up, she explored them. The position in Bangor proved to be the right fit.

"I'm anchoring on weeknights right out of college. That's a rare opportunity. Siena really prepared me for this. In meeting people at the station, they're surprised at what I've learned and done. I trained with a photographer back when I started, and he was really impressed with my knowledge."

For the record, Rory Gilmore went to Yale, but she never earned an opportunity like this.