Center for International Studies

Three Saints earned Gilman Awards for their spring semester abroad.

Financial constraints sometimes make an international academic experience impossible, even for the most qualified candidates. Since 2001, the Gilman International Scholarship program has eased the financial burden for more than 31,000 American students. 

This spring, three Saints earned Gilman Scholarships that will be applied to their semester abroad. The amount of the awards range from $100 to $5,000. All three Saints earned scholarships worth $4,500. 

Students receiving federal Pell Grants with the ambition to intern or study abroad are eligible to apply. A year ago, 47 percent of Gilman Scholars were first generation students, studying in 109 countries around the world.  

Siena's 2020 Spring Gilman Scholars:

Daniela Carmona '22 (Ecuador); Aliyah Wright '21 (South Africa/Namibia); Tyler Simmons '21 (France)

"This semester I'll be studying abroad in Cuenca, Ecuador! I chose to study abroad in Ecuador because of an international service trip that became available to me. With this service trip, I will have the chance to learn about the importance of volunteering in the community, which will assist me in my service practices as a social worker. The Gilman Scholarship allows me to not only study abroad but learn about new kinds of food, cultures, and languages, too. I am forever grateful for this opportunity!" 

Daniela Carmona '22 (above)