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The Albany area was featured for its affordability, parks and recreation, as well as local festivals and entertainment venues.

Citizen Bank has named Albany, N.Y. one of the Five Best Cities for Young Professionals in the Northeast. 

Recent Siena graduates agree that the Capital Region is a great place to live and work. 

"The best part about working in Albany is the size," said Christopher Fabian '09, vice president and chartered retirement planning counselor at AXA Advisors, "You get the big city atmosphere but the reality is that everyone knows everyone, so word of mouth carries a lot of weight. To have this in our back pocket, but still be able to get to Boston, Montreal, Syracuse, all in under three hours makes the location prime for business."

Citizen's Bank praised Albany for its eclectic neighborhoods low cost of living, a popular combination among young professionals. Albany's cost of living is 20.4% lower than political powerhouse Washington, D.C. and provides solid opportunities for launching a career in politics.

"I enjoy living and working in the Capital Region because it offers opportunities both professionally and socially," said Elizabeth Schlegel '12 of Fingerpaint Marketing. "The job opportunities, coupled with the social activites offered at venues like the Saratoga Race Track and Saratoga Performing Arts Center, make for a great quality of life."

Siena's location in the heart of the Capital Region ensures students also get to experience all that the area has to offer, whether it be professional internships or fun things to do.

It's no surprise that 36% of Siena graduates remain in Capital Region.

"When my internship offered to keep me around after graduation, I really couldn't pass it up. I think Albany will be a great place to start my career and become comfortable and experienced in the professional world," said recent graduate Ali Mesick '15.