#1. You want to learn with your mind (and your hands!)

We believe an education should be something you get to do, not just something you get. Through Siena’s centers and study abroad opportunities, high-impact research projects with professors, using equipment few other colleges have and interning at top companies and startups, Siena students dig in and stand out. To say we’re hands-on is a total understatement, it's guaranteed. 


There's no shortage of things for our Saints to do and love. With 120+ clubs and organizations, countless local and international service opportunities, late-night food and fun, off-campus excursions, and so much more, it's safe to say you'll never get bored as a Siena student. 

#4. You want to join a network like no other

Throughout our community, you'll find people—roommates, classmates, friars, professors, staff, alumni and more—who truly care about you. These connections don't end when you walk across the stage at Commencement, they are with you for the rest of your life. Once a Saint, always a Saint. 

#5. you want to graduate in 4 years... GUARANTEED

We launched The Siena College Guarantee so future Saints who want to work hard and make the most of their college years can access the education they deserve. All they have to do is get admitted and send Siena your FAFSA to be eligible for at least $52,000 toward your education. And on top of that, we also guarantee you'll earn your degree in four years or we will pay for the rest. How's that for a promise?

#6. You want to go out into the world ready to make a great living and live a great life

Top tech CEOs and leaders nationwide have come out and said that grads from liberal arts schools have what they need— knowledge, vision, empathy, listening and creativity skills that come from studying a broad range of topics. What does this mean for Saints? Our grads leave prepared to make a difference in the world—no matter what path they choose. 

Sometimes you just know you're meant to be a Saint.