Department of Sociology

Do you want to understand the crisis in the health care system? Do you want to study crime and justice related issues like the impact of mass incarceration? Do social problems like inequality, global political violence, human trafficking and violence against women bother you? Are you intrigued by the disconnect between your experiences and the policies and communicative strategies of government, media or corporates?

​If you want both an involved understanding and a set of practical skills to address these issues, then Sociology is the subject for you!

Are you looking for a socially relevant liberal arts discipline that opens your career options in the field of: Non-Profit, Education, Public Policy, Law, Law Enforcement, Social Work, Government, Business, and Administration?

Are you looking for analytical skills to develop socially relevant knowledge from the vast amount of information available around you?

Then Sociology is the subject for you!

Department Chair

Beverly Thompson

Beverly J. Yuen Thompson

Associate Professor of Sociology

322 Rosetti Hall

(518) 783‑2468

Saint Spotlight

Miranda Luft

Class of 2018

Sociology Major

Avon, NY

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