Employer Services

Employer Services

Thank you for your interest in recruiting and/or employing Siena students.

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Job and Internship Postings

Job and internship postings, as well as on campus recruiting can be posted/ scheduled via our CareerSaint system, a member of the NACELink network.  Please take a look at the CareerSaint instructions for employers, then go to CareerSaint  If you have any questions on recruiting, please call the Career Center at (518) 783-2339.

If you are hiring for a child care position, please complete the Childcare Postings form and e-mail it to careermail@siena.edu. Please do not post to CareerSaint, as it will be rejected.

If you would like to e-mail us an internship description, please complete our Internship Postings document and e-mail to careermail@siena.edu.

If you are hiring for a position that requires 3 or more years of experience, please e-mail the position to careermail@siena.edu.  It will be posted to our alumni group on LinkedIn.

Looking to connect with many colleges and universities from the Capital Region at once?  Consider posting on the Capital Region Career Consortium's Board! This is a free service.

Making Connections

Employer Information Session
Information sessions to provide company information prior to on-campus interviews can be arranged by calling us at (518) 783-2339.

Lunch & Learn Program

  • Visit campus to speak informally to small groups of students about a given career topic.
  • Lunch & Learn opportunities fill up quickly; unfortunately all requests cannot be accommodated.
  • Career Center staff choose the range of topics for each semester. Your request may be postponed for a future semester.
  • Please note that lunch & learns are designed to offer general career advice to students, are open to all majors/ class years, and are not for the purpose of promoting opportunities at any given organization.
  • Call (518) 783-2339 to request more information.

Information Tables

  • Staff a table with your informational literature to promote your company or graduate program.
  • Tables are provided in the Sarazen Student Union lobby during heavy student traffic times to better market your organization's career opportunities or your graduate school's programs.
  • Call (518) 783-2339 to request more information and/or to schedule a date and time to host a table.

Distance Interviews
The Career Center has a webcam and we are happy to accommodate remote interviews. If you'd like to interview Siena students via the Web (thus saving the expense of traveling to our campus), please consider this option. For more information, please contact us at (518) 783-2339.

FAQs for Employers

How do I post jobs for Siena students and recent graduates?

How do I advertise a job for experienced alumni?

  • Email careermail@siena.edu with the position title, location, description and contact information.
  • Your posting will be placed on the job discussions board within the Siena College Alumni group on LinkedIn. Postings will remain viewable for 14 days from the date of posting.

How do I get my organization more visible on campus?

  • There are a number of ways to increase your organization's visibility on campus.  The easiest thing to do is to post open positions (full time, part time, and/ or internships) in CareerSaint.
  • Attend our Spring Career, Internship, & Graduate School Fair
  • Conduct on-campus interviews for job &/ or internship opportunities with your organization
  • Consider sponsoring an event or giveaway item via the Career Center.  Please call us at (518) 783-2339 for more information.
  • Consider becoming an Employer In Residence in the Career Center.  Our Employers in Residence volunteer their time to conduct mock interviews of students in our office and then provide the students feedback/ coaching on their performance.  Please call the Career Center at (518) 783-2339 for more information.
  • Host an information table in the Sarazen Student Union and interact with students in a high-traffic area.  Please call the Career Center at (518) 783-2339 for more information or to schedule a date to host a table.
  • Follow us on Facebook to engage with students in career-related discussions.
  • Inquire about becoming one of our featured employers on our job and internship database, CareerSaint. Your organization logo will be active for one month on the site. This option is only available for organizations that offer paid (hourly or salaried) career and internship opportunities. 

Can you send out a separate e-blast for my job or internship posting?

Due to the volume of postings we receive, we are unable to send a separate blast out for jobs or internships upon request.  For additional visibility (and an exclusive job/internship e-blast) consider conducting on-campus interviews for the position(s).  All postings we receive in a given week will be included in our weekly Career Center Update, sent to all students, faculty, and staff.

What are your policies on unpaid internships?

The Siena College Career Center supports NACE's stance on unpaid internships.  Read about NACE's position on unpaid internships.

We also encourage you to review the US Department of Labor's Fact Sheet on Internships AND the NYS Department of Labor's fact sheet on unpaid internships.  Please note that offering academic credit for an internship does not necessarily absolve a for-profit employer from the requirement of paying their interns.

Recruiting Policy

Siena College Career Center Recruiting Policy

Postings that discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, marital status, or veteran status will be rejected and not posted to our students. Jobs and internships based out of an individual’s home will be posted and managed by the Career Center. Postings for direct adult home care, pet sitting, household chores, or transportation providers will be rejected. Siena College espouses the Franciscan values of service to others, and respect for all individuals. Organizations that do not follow these values may not be invited to post positions to Siena students nor come to campus for the purposes of recruitment.

Resume book access will not be provided to:
- individuals with no land address for their business
- individuals who do not have an e-mail address specific to their organization (i.e. gmail, yahoo, etc)
- third-party recruiters

We reserve the right to restrict resume book access to any organization, at any time, for any reason. Position postings that involve marketing alcoholic beverages and/ or other products which may harm an individual’s health may be rejected. Job postings must not involve on-campus solicitation, posting of materials on campus, or sale of products or services to students. Such postings will be rejected. In no case, will the Career Center refer, electronically or otherwise, students to agencies that charge fees to the job seeker, and such job postings will be rejected. EXCEPTION: This does not apply to fees for Federal and State licensing requirements such as real estate, securities, etc. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the Career Center releases candidate information only with the written permission of the employment candidate and only to the identified employers. Re-disclosure of candidate information is not permitted.

Students have not been vetted and employers are responsible for any background checks.

We reserve the right to reject any posting, at any time, for any reason.

Questions on this policy may be directed to the Siena College Career Center at 518-783-2339.

Salary Information

Many organizations request salary information from us to be sure they are competitive within their respective industries.  NACE (The National Association of Colleges and Employers) offers the below tool to assist in this process.

Figure 1: Average Salaries by Discipline 

Discipline2014 Average Salary2013 Average SalaryPercent Change
Computer Science$61,741$59,9772.9%
Health Sciences$51,541$49,7133.7%
Humanities & Social Sciences$38,365$37,0583.5%
Math & Sciences$43,414$42,7241.6%

Source: April 2014 Salary Survey, National Association of Colleges and Employers