Science and Mathematics have been and will remain central to the development of human civilization. At Siena, our School of Science students cultivate a dedication for exploring the world deeply and passionately within a scientific framework. We practice a hands-on pedagogical approach: School of Science students have multiple opportunities to observe, analyze, and apply solutions in classroom, laboratory, and real-world settings. Consistent with our liberal arts and Franciscan heritage, Siena approaches the study of science and mathematics as an opportunity to examine and solve the complex problems of the natural world.

Learning Goals

  • Knowledge: Students will know the important concepts, facts, and technical skills relevant to their discipline.
  • Reason: Students will learn how to critically evaluate the quality of scientific information.
  • Creativity: Students will learn to innovate and to creatively solve problems.
  • Ethics: Students will understand the ethical dimensions of science in human experience.
  • Communication: Students will collaborate effectively with others, using oral, graphical, and written communication.
  • The Scientific Method: Students will use the above skills to ask questions of the natural world, understand the answers, and communicate this understanding to others.