Purpose and Goals

This policy defines the use of electric vehicle charging stations on the Siena campus by faculty staff, students and those visiting the College. The policy will be upheld by the Office of Public Safety.

The EV charging stations align with the College’s commitment to sustainability, and support those in our campus community who wish to reduce their carbon footprint by driving electric vehicles.


The 10 electric charging units, each with two Stage II charging ports (for a total of 20 spots), are located throughout the Siena campus. Each station can fully charge an EV in 4-5 hours. 

The stations are located in:

  • Hall Lot M (4 stations)
  • Foy Hall Lot L (4)
  • Morrell Science Center Lot F (4)
  • Marcelle Athletic Center Lot W (2)
  • Athletic Fields Lot U (6)

The parking spaces are painted green to indicate they are for EV charging only

Stations will be operational between 5AM and 10PM each day.

Guidelines for Use (subject to change)

  • Use of the stations is free of charge, and open to Siena faculty, staff, students and those visiting the campus for meetings, tours or events. There will be a grace period of 45 minutes allowed after an EV finishes charging to give drivers time to move their vehicle. 
  • Only community members charging an EV can park in these designated spaces. A non-EV parked in a space is subject to a ticket from Public Safety.
  • EV owners will need to maintain a ChargePoint account and download the app. An overage fee of $5 per hour will be assessed for vehicles that remain parked for longer than the full charging time and grace period.
  • Signs will be posted at the stations indicating that the spots are to be used only while actively charging an EV, so that all EV owners can more readily access a station when needed. 
  • Stations should not be used for overnight or long-term parking, as a courtesy to fellow EV owners. Note that the stations are operational only between 5AM and 10PM.
  • Stations are open on a first-come, first-served basis and may not be reserved. 
  • At this time, no special permits will be issued for EVs owned by members of the Siena community.
  • Public Safety reserves the right to issue a ticket to non-EVs parked in a charging station, or EVs that are parked for extended periods of time.  

Approved by President 8/16/2021