Check Requests: 

The Check Request form is used to process reimbursements to individuals for expenses incurred on behalf of the College and for services rendered by Independent Contractors. Original itemized receipts must be submitted with the form. Please see the Travel and Entertainment Policy for specifications regarding meal expenses that are reimbursable by Siena College.

A check request form must include the vendor name, vendor number (which may be found on BANNER forms FAIVNDH and SPAIDEN), vendor address (if other than an employee), FOAPAL to be charged, and proper approval. If an employee or student is submitting a check request for reimbursement, the vendor name is that individual’s name, the vendor number is the individual’s 901/902 identification number, and the address is Siena College for an employee or the home mailing address for a student.

Payments to individuals other than a College employee or student for work performed or services rendered should be requested on a check request form. The payee's address and social security number must be noted on the form. Payments to employees or students for work performed or services rendered must be processed through the payroll system.  Please contact Human Resources to determine if an individual would be considered an employee of the College. Any request to pay an Independent Contractor for services rendered must be accompanied by a contract approved through Process Maker as well as a completed and signed W9 form.

Updated March 2018