Please note if you are applying to be a SAINT, you cannot hold a position of a CA, Bonner or new Ambassador.

Applications will be LIVE for New SAINTs on SAINTS Connect (click here to access the application) on January 8th, 2020! 

SAINTs Information:

The SAINTs position is a desired and sought after student position on our campus. The SAINTs play a crucial role in facilitating the orientation program and easing the transition of our new students. The expectations are very high, but incredibly rewarding. New Student Orientation takes place just prior to the start of classes, and substantial training is required to adequately prepare the SAINTs.

New Student Orientation is a program designed to help our incoming students become familiar with our campus while gearing up for both academic and social success. This structured five-day program will take place just before classes begin in the fall and include discussions with student leaders, student success workshops, and multiple opportunities to meet other new students. SAINTs welcome new students to the Siena campus before the fall semester begins with professionalism, warmth, and energy. SAINTs try to minimize anxiety, promote engagement/involvement and create a sense of belonging, while exhibiting the true Siena spirit.

SAINTs training will begin on Friday, August 28, 2020 with the commitment being through orientation.

New Student Orientation is Thursday, September 3 - Monday, September 7, 2020.

Student Activities & Leadership Development Office