Being a commuter student at a mainly residential school can be such a unique and fun experience. CSA is here to help all commuting students make the most of the opportunities that Siena has to offer. Come attend one of our free monthly lunches to mix and mingle with fellow commuter students. Looking for a week of fun-filled commuter love? Commuter Appreciation Week is the annual week-long celebration of commuter life at Siena. With a variety of events planned every day focused on health and wellness experiences, this week in the fall semester is one that all commuter students look forward to each year! That’s not enough? Throughout the school year, CSA collaborates with other Student Government organizations to encourage all residential and commuter students to attend the variety of events happening on campus!

CSA’s goals and roles include but are not limited to:

  • Establishing an equal, represented community for the commuter population of Siena College.
  • Acting as a liaison between the governing bodies, staff, and administration (i.e. Public Safety) of Siena College and the commuter students.
  • Voicing the needs of commuter students.
  • Serving as a programming organization within the commuter community.
  • Providing community engagement between commuters and residents.


Join us at our Commuter Student Association Meetings which are held every Wednesday @ 1:00 pm in the Molinari Room (SSU). This is a great time to see what goes on behind the scenes at CSA!



Commuter Students Association

Sarazen Student Union Room: 213