Assessment can be defined as the systematic and ongoing process of gathering, analyzing and using information from various sources about a unit. Assessment involves using measured outcomes, in order to improve student learning, student support services, and other administrative processes. Assessment activities at Siena College encompass both academic and administrative units. On the academic side, each instructional academic program, including majors, minors, and certificates, submits an academic assessment report each year. In addition, programs also undergo a program review once every five years. On the administrative side, each administrative unit submits one or more annual administrative assessment report(s). 

Information on academic and administrative assessment at Siena College is available on this site and is organized in the following six areas for transparency:

  1. Outcomes Statements: Includes mission statements and learning goals.

  2. Assessment Plans: Includes program review and assessment schedules.

  3. Assessment Resources & Report Submissions: Includes Submission links, submission guides, example reports, and external resources.

  4. Current Assessment Activities: Provides recognition of outstanding programs and compliance data.

  5. Outcomes Evidence: Includes annual assessment reports that is located in the Assessment repository.

  6. Use of Outcomes Evidence: Accomplishments in closing the loop.

Assessment activities at Siena College are aimed toward fostering a culture of continuous and incremental improvement among the community of faculty, staff, and administrators. Accordingly, the assessment section of this website is intended to facilitate open communication and transparency. The site is organized based on the National Institute of Learning Outcomes Assessment’s Transparency Framework, and is designed to promote the meaningful communication of assessment results and activities, while also promoting awareness of areas for institutional growth (Jankowski & Cain, 2015). 




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National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment, (2011). Transparency Framework, Urbana, IL; University of Illinois and Indiana University, National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA).

Dr. Lisa Yu

Assoc Dir Inst'l Effectiveness