Accessing Information about your Financial Aid Awards using your Banner Self Service Account:

Banner Self Service is a web-based approach that allows you to access Financial Aid Award Information. 

Banner Self Service Best Practices:

In an effort to keep your Financial Aid account up to date, it is important that you pay close attention to communication sent to you from the Financial Aid Office and check your Web for Students account periodically. 

Accessing your Banner Self Service Account:
  1. Go to the Siena Resource page
  2. Select 'Banner Self Service.'
  3. Enter your Siena User ID (Siena Student ID Number 901...).
  4. Enter your PIN.
  5. Click on Login.

NOTE: If you cannot remember your PIN, use the security questions by clicking the 'Forgot PIN?' button. Your account will be locked after 5 failed login attempts so please use the 'Forgot PIN?' button before your 5th attempt. If your account becomes locked and you need to reset your PIN, please contact the Siena Student Helpdesk at 518-786-5000 or via email at If you forgot or lost your Siena User ID (SID), please visit SID.

Reviewing Your Outstanding Financial Aid Requirements:

Please review your Outstanding Financial Aid Requirements regulary to make sure you are up to date with all of your requirements. Outstanding requirements may prevent your Financial Aid Award from being finalized.

  1. Login to your Banner Self Service account.
  2. Select the Financial Aid link.
  3. Select the Financial Aid Requirements link.
  4. Select the current Aid Year from the drop down menu and click submit.
  5. Select the Unsatisfied Requirements link.
  6. Click on the Instructions Button next to each requirement to review what is necessary to satisfy the Outstanding Requirement.
Review & Accept Your Financial Aid Awards:

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to review and accept your awards until the Office of Financial Aid has finalized your awards. Notification that your awards have been finalized will be sent via email. 

  1. Login to your Banner Self Service account.
  2. Select the Financial Aid link.
  3. Select the Award Information link.
  4. Select Award by current Aid Year.
  5. Click on the 'Terms & Conditions' Tab – Review & Return to the page
  6. Click on the 'Accept Award Offer' Tab.
  7. Next to each award select Accept or Decline. If you wish to accept a partial amount, please select Accept and then enter the amount you would like to accept.
  8. Click Submit Decision.